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Mimi's House works to end youth homelessness in Casper, WY by providing a safe and secure home for unaccompanied youth in the area. While in our program, Mimi's residents are provided with their own room and a family-style environment. Through our program, we empower our residents to continue education, gain employment, and secure independent housing.

Our Services


Personal Development

By incorporating lessons on cooking, cleaning and time management, Mimi's helps to work on resident independence. While in our program, residents are offered self-development courses such as "Corrective Thinking", "Anger Management" and "Youth Empowerment".


Education and Employment

Mimi's house values the importance of education. To assist in this area, Mimi's provides tutoring, school supplies, transportation to and from school, and any necessities to receive a high school diploma or equivalent. We also believe stable employment is equally important for a successful future. While in our program, residents are offered resume building courses, job coaching, and job placement services.


Community Outreach

To demonstrate the importance of community and teamwork, Mimi's residents participate in a minimum of 10 hours of community service a month! We believe the best way to thank our community is to give back!

Program Graduation


Phase I                              1 month

Once a resident has been accepted into Mimi's House the intake process begins. It looks different for each resident. We provide assistance in attaining a driver's license/ID, social security card, birth certificate, etc.. If the resident already has those things our next step is laying the ground work of a healthy lifestyle. We set goals that are reviewed quarterly and begin working towards a succesful transition into independent living.


Phase II                            9 months

Once the basic needs are met, residents begin really building their lifeskills. Our House Parent works one-on-one with residents to teach household duties. Residents are offered a range of self-development courses. Mimi's also offers assistance in job coaching, placement and transportation for work. It is this phase that residents really build a stable lifestyle that will provide the most success.

Moving In

Phase III                           2 Months

Once a resident has completed high school, has stable employment, a healthy savings account and confidence to move into independent living, we begin the process of transitioning out! Our House Parent can aid in finding and applying for housing. We also provide our residents with the neccesary household supplies and furnishings to ease the transition.

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